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I have a 21-year-old house in Fremont California with much deferred maintenance. Inspired by www.younghouselove.com, I am going to document every repair and remodel with this blog. The project may last 3 to 5 years partially due to my son is in his three most important years of living under this house. One of my goal is to create a go-to website when anyone wants to DIY or even educate themself about the issue before hiring someone to do the job. I’ll list trustable contacts as references. My other goal is for whoever will live in this house after me will have the confidence to maintain it. Please feel free to comment.

Like majority of the house owners, I knew nothing about maintenance of a house.  This is my first and only house I’ve ever owned. It is getting older each year just like me. In the communist country I grew up(24 years ago), private residential ownership was forbidden. Of cause, it is different now.  Perhaps as a by-product of Mao’s cultural revolution, my father, a literature professor, do not know how to change a light bulb. Although my parents really like to own a piece of American dream, they have to give up their house in New York due to the maintenance hassle. Now my parents are in their 70th, I see through their experiences that I needed to learn the basic civilized human being skill – maintain a house you always like to call it home, make it beautiful and comfortable. Another by-product of cultural revolution, frugal will be always in my blood.  Recycle and reuse will always be my first choice.

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The door to the backyard has been leaking rain since the 1st year I lived here.

The door to the backyard has been leaking rain since the 1st year I lived here. I took the floor cover off, and discovered why the door had been leaking during raining days! The hardwood floor was not aligned good enough for the door threshold to be aligned under the door cover.

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